Remmy’s review of The Lost Boys

The Lost Boys, 31 July 1987, Comedy Horror, Rated R. I did not see this classic until I was twelve, Almost 15 years after it was made. Naturally, I thought it was a brand new movie. Corey Haim became my hero at once, and even though he has passed, I revert back to my hero worship days and wish things had been better.

Until his death, I thought Corey was my age. Oh well, that is what movies do to you.

This movie had all the good and bad a 12-year-old could take. Vampires, to this day I can’t stand the thought of them in books or film, Family love, caring for others, That is the premise of the movie, Vampires, did I mention Vampire the heartless souls that kill anyone for any reason?

This week I saw the movie again so I would not twist anything up. Vampires. If they exist we need to wipe them out so these crazy girls that love them will stop licking ashtrays and dead animals. Other than the Vampires, I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars. I will lose a lot of followers on social media for this, but if you like kissing cold dead things that taste like ash, stay away from me! It is so bad that over 20 books a month are written about this disgusting habit. about Vampire love. uggg sick minds. Come on you can come up with original works, I do so I know you can too!

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s review of The Lost Boys

  1. PaulM

    I first watched this after it was purchased for me and have to say it is now one of my favourite movies. The action is good, the humour is full on and the acting is top notch. You have to watch this, even if (like me) you don’t do scary stuff (which it actually isn’t) 😉

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