Remmy’s review of The Hole in the Ground


The Hole In the Ground 28 February 2019, rated R, This is an Irish film and you can understand every word in it. That alone surprised me. I am not sure why it got an R rating, Yes it will make you jump and some of it is pretty gory but without blood and guts.

At first, you have to wonder if the mother has lost her mind. Maybe she had twins and one of them is a bad boy. Fear not, the neighbor has the answer. Actually the bad boy isn’t all that bad, but she thinks he is. That will be up to you to decide, however, he does act differently than the other boy, the ‘normal’ one.

This is a movie only the audience can decide on. Personally I am torn between the fact that she could be a lunatic and the most obvious answer. No ghosts, but there could be a demon or more. You decide. I gave this movie 3- out of 5 stars. It really is worth watching.

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