Remmy’s review of The Great Wall

The Great Wall, 17 February 2017 rated PG-13. We can see this wall from low orbit in space, and tourists flock to see its majestic wonder. We presume that the Great Wall was built to keep out the Mogol hoards, and indeed it was.

Yet if that were completely true, why did the wall travel so far? This isn’t any wall, the wall in most sections could house complete armies. Not much is said about the wall in Qin (chin) texts. The texts say what emporers built what section and that is about it. In reality, there was no reason for a wall of that magnitude. Especially one that caused a million deaths or more in just its construction.

This movie is based on a Qin perspective of the wall. and battles throughout the centuries that could have taken place. The acting was great, the action was non stop, the blood and some gore were over the top.

I rate this movie 5 out of 5 stars. The colors alone demand it. If you haven’t seen this, mark it and put it on your watch list.

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