Remmy’s Review of Peter Jackson’s BAD TASTE

Almost everyone knows of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the rings Trilogy. With very good reason. Personally I do not think in our time any director can outdo what he did. Yet that was hardly his first film. At the age of seven he was given an 8 mm camera and the rest is history. Not so fast.

Of course, the little kid made several short films with his friends. Until someone noticed his full feature film Bad Taste, which won several awards of its own in 1987, and that is where he became famous.

Bad Taste is a horror comedy, and I sat thru the whole thing. Granted it was made a year before I was born, and it really sucks… however it is sic!

Although I didn’t laugh, and overall the idea for the movie was dumb in my opinion, it is one of those films I have to love just for the directing. The acting was okay, the makeup is a whole story on its own. The soundtrack wasn’t perfect compared to today’s standards but it was good. Jackson pays tribute to the Beatles and mentions many movies of his time, like Star Trek.
I rate this 2 out of 5, a movie that shouldn’t have been made, yet it was. A good start Peter!

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s Review of Peter Jackson’s BAD TASTE

  1. Steven Fritchie

    I am hardly one to judge a movie with this title after all, I am a major John Waters fan. Considering what the young Peter Jackson had to work with, I would probably get into this movie. How far into it I would get is another matter. I have also seen George Lucas’ first film THX 1138, which was okay. One never knows what talent will come from films like these.

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