Remmy’s Review of Murder Mystery

Murder Mystery,14 June 2019 I really liked Adam Sandler in The Cobbler, No not Peach or apple cobbler but as a shoemaker. He was outstanding in that. This movie goes back to his irrelevant sarcasm and ‘jokes’ that most of you will probably love. I did not care for it or any other films he has been in.

Jennifer Aniston was great, great looks and great acting. The premise of the story was, of course, a murder mystery. Which was done well I enjoyed it even with Sandler playing himself. I think this could be one of those movies everyone should see. Great acting, above par photography, and a look at Italy most of us will never see. Some of the opulent mansions (villas to us that know better) were priceless.

I believe Sandler should give up on movie comedy, and stick with great films like The Cobbler, but still, I gave this 4 out of five stars, it was that good.

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s Review of Murder Mystery

  1. PaulM

    This is a good movie with plenty of comedy and action. Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston worked well together and the supporting cast were good too. How the French detective ever solves anything I will never know….

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