Remmy’s Review of Mile 22

Mile 22, August 17, 2018, If you are looking for a movie where the good guys win, then this is not your cup of tea. Of course, who are we? Mere mortals to decide who is good and bad. Really isn’t that what everything comes down to?

Action from the word go, this film had me on the edge of my chair. In some places, I almost fell off my chair it was that intense. This action, adventure, thriller is rated R for good reasons. A lot of blood and some gore.

Mark Wahlberg played one of the lead characters. Lauren Cohan (Maggie from The Walking Dead) John Malkovich and other lesser-known greats. So what did I find bad about this film, Nothing! Even the martial arts was right on, none of this unbelievable stuff you see out of China these days.

Although I don’t care for R rated films, I have to give this 5 stars out of 5. Watch it, Buy It!

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