Remmy’s Review of MI-5

Mi-5, 4 December 2015, rated R, When watching spy films or reading spy books, it is hard to tell who the bad guys and good guys are. Sure if they are from the free world you expect them to be the good guys, but rarely is that the case.

Of course, the bad guys, not being from the free world almost always seem to be the bad guys, but again not so in every case. This makes Spy books and films with their awesome twists and turns fun to watch and read. I suggest reading them because films like this can mess with your mind.

Yes, there are the good guys, and yes there are the bad guys. What if one of the bad guys is from the free world and is supposed to be a good guy… Too daunting so I won’t go into it. This film was a pretty action-packed and a bit of blood, sorry no guts film,

I was confused several times, which did not give me any joy. I have a friend that was a spy, he seemed to like it more than I did. No not the kind of spy depicted in this film. He was the kind that listened to your conversations and uploaded the text to his superiors to see if they decided to wipe you out or not.

I rate this 3 out of 5, but I am sure you will love it a lot more than I did.

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