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Remmy’s review of In The Tall Grass


In The Tall Grass, 4 October 2019, rated TV-MA. We all know not to go into a cornfield or tall grass. After all, in big fields, there are bugs, dead things, flies, and mystery. Mystery none of us should want to participate in. Not to mention scarecrows and demons, maybe witches and goblins. This is a great movie for October. However when a small boy or girl calls for help your instincts to protect the boy/girl take over. This is normal.

On the outside of that field, everything is normal, but a step inside that beautiful grassy field teaches you nothing, and it is deadly in a different way than you can imagine. As I watched it I felt bugs in my bed, they weren’t there but that is my imagination. I felt all my dogs that have died in the past. I felt a chill to my bones, but most of all, I wanted to know how all this happened, and why.

This film features Will Buie Jr. as the boy, Patrick Wilson as the dad and a slew of other up and coming actors/actresses. In the first scene, we get a glimpse of what is transpiring, but we do not grasp it. By the end of the film, I felt that whatever was doing it was terraforming the earth, using people to do it. Imagine that. It would not be the first Stephen King story to do that.

Although there are no jump scares, well there could be for younger ones, I found this film fascinating, and logical. 5 stars out of 5 from me.

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s review of In The Tall Grass

  1. Steven Fritchie

    This was a very tense movie. Not a lot of blood and no real gore. The actors did a very good job and the director was very good at keeping the story moving in a logical progression. I recommend it, but see it with a friend. I didn’t jump, but if kids are in the room, they might.

  2. PaulM

    A very intense movie that will keep you watching throughout. The acting was good, I particularly liked young Tobin, and the sound effects definitely increased the tension. Very unusual storyline and I enjoyed it a lot.

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