Gavin CasalegnoMovies are not always what they seem to be. It is with I am Gabriel. Some want to call it a Christian movie. I did not see that. Some want to call it a up in your face believe in God movie, I did not see that either. I did see a nice fantasy movie for kids and family. The director wasn’t that good, the photography was fine, the acting was par for this type of movie, i.e. sub standard. Dean Cain plays a small town sheriff. I was confused by that because I thought Sheriff’s ran a county not just a single town, but oh well. I did not think he played a believable part, so intent was he on destroying a little boy.


John Schneider plays the only town doctor, barely able to survive because the population is so small. He played the part well, but the character was lacking, what I don’t exactly know, but he was 2 dimensional instead of a well rounded character. The lead character Gabriel played by newcomer Gavin Casalegno was a bit of a let down. A man in a boy’s body. He played it well, and you could really say nothing bad about him, except for the fact I did not think he was convincing for the part he played. A boy that does not smile at all is warped. I never smiled a lot growing up but at least I did sometimes.

That was what I found odd about the movie, yet I enjoyed it, It was fun, it was different, and I gave it 3 out of 5 stars. A big thank you to Steven F, one of my readers for using my Amazon wishlist to gift this to me. Thanks again Steven! This movie is only available in DVD format.

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2 Thoughts on “Remmy’s Review of I am Gabriel w/ Trailer

  1. pauly10 on March 23, 2016 at 12:28 pm said:

    That looks like one I would watch 🙂

  2. Just based on the trailer, I think 3/5 stars is very generous. I see a very thin story line used to pander to a “religious” audience. These sort of movies have very little interest to me. I have not seen the movie, so I can not really judge the acting. The brief scenes in the trailer do not give a sense of the quality of the acting, but I do sense that the musical score and CGI are meant to cover any flaws. John Schneider tends to act in what I call “Lifetime Channel” type movies. The last movie that I saw Dean Cain in was “The Broken Hearts Club”, in which he played a gay egotistical wannabe movie star. In short, I would not rent this movie, but if my friend Remmy likes it, then that is what is important.

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