How Speleology Restored My Sex Drive Book Cover How Speleology Restored My Sex Drive
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Action Adventure
Hough Publishing, LLC
August 8, 2016

Some people can’t stay out of trouble. Happily married, the father of two precocious nine year old girls, and comfortably off, Max Brown should have it easy. Not yet; that’s where the little girls come in. They maneuver Max and his wife into a dangerous treasure hunt through abandoned gold mines. As Max forewarns, “the closer you get to the treasure the more competitors show up, some of whom don’t play by the rules.” The competitors in this case are seven Klansmen who believe that the object of the treasure hunt, a large cache of Confederate gold, is theirs to finance a second rebellion. Set in northern Georgia, Max combats bears, snakes, and the Klan to protect those he loves. His most cunning and committed adversaries, though, turn out to be his own children.

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MichaelBernhart, How Speleology Restored My Sex Drive (ISBN 978-0997616033)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Based on the title of this book and the cover, I would probably not buy it. Spelunking is associated with going into caves with lots of water and wearing a wetsuit and oxygen tanks. I personally do not like lake water, or cave water for that matter, and Spelunking in a dark black cavern is out of the question. That is where the reader may go wrong. The saying is “you cannot judge a book by its cover”, and in this case it goes for its title too. On the other hand it could be inside a dry cave, and being a boy raised in Arizona, I explored many caves.

The book is about treasure hunting, kidnapping, abuse, members of the Klu Klux Klan (KKK), and many characters that live in Georgia. Since I have a Georgian friend that was born there and lives there I had to read it to see if the characters in the book follow what I do know. I must say that if I say anything negative about Georgians she is the first to tell me not to judge… Yet, the book follows exactly how I see Georgia. Luckily not all Georgians are like what you expect them to be, a few are talented and well educated. For instance Steve Walsh, the aging lead singer of the band Kansas, originally from Missouri lives in Georgia, which is not saying much I suppose, but he was a great singer in my grandfather’s time.

Even though in my opinion the Title and Cover do not depict anything exciting, the interior is what I read. I found it to be a fascinating read, full of adventure history, and a man whose life is falling apart. After all his wife is a sharpshooter, and his children act like the nine year olds that they are, constantly in trouble. The poor man tries to keep it all together, trying to have the life he wished for his family, while the family seems to tear itself apart. I am surprised he didn’t have a nervous breakdown just being a father, much more a husband. Poor man.

I would rate this book five out of five stars. I will not rate the cover and title, but buy it anyway, you won’t be disappointed.

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2 Thoughts on “Remmys Review of How Speleology Restored My Sex Drive

  1. Steven Fritchie on March 15, 2017 at 10:16 am said:

    For an adventure story to have the word “speleology” in the title may be a obstacle to a reader. It takes away from what sort of story the author is trying to tell. I tend to read the back cover of books to get a summary of the story in order to see whether it piques my interest or not. For now, I have to base my opinion on this review.
    I do like adventure stories, so I just might look for this book.

  2. pauly10 on March 17, 2017 at 12:29 pm said:

    I had no idea what speleology was and the book definitely has a strange title. It does sound like an interesting book though.

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