Remmy’s review of Falling In love

Falling In Love 29 August 2019, TV-PG This made for television movie is, in a way about love. Luckily they save the kissing until the end. I wish sci-fi films did the same. With Christina Milan and contractor Adam Demos.

The movie is full of comedy from the start, and we see that Christina is hard-headed and wants to argue about everything. She is also clumsy, one of the fun parts is that they portray most New Zealanders (kiwi’s?) the same way. Just so you know, they are not all that bad, after all that is where Hobbits come from, or so I am told.

The film is shorter than most that we have reviewed lately coming in at 1:38 so you don’t really have time to fall asleep unless you are one of those people that fall asleep during any movie, and yes I know people like that.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars, although it was good, it wasn’t my pint of bitters.

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