A boys first fear of unknown bugs that can not only change you into a creepy monster, but make your cuteness, less than cute. Everyone can see if you have cooties, even your mom and dad will push you away… grandma too for that matter. Grandpa’s don’t usually care if you have cooties they love you no matter what.

The first time I heard of cooties I was probably six or seven. Boys on the playground who were all older than me with vast experience in real life told me not to let a girl touch me, even slightly because they would give me cooties. At that age I wouldn’t have been close enough to a girl for them to touch me, however being in a classroom I learned quickly that they WILL touch you, given the opportunity. You had to be on guard constantly!

Yet no one could actually define cooties. I remember one boy touched a girl and no one in class would go near him until he went to the doctor and got a cootie shot. It was horrible for him. To this day I feel sorry for the boy. None of us knew the devastation cooties could invoke, but in a few days he changed schools. Probably to an all cootie school or something like that.

The government and cooties. The other thing you have to remember about all governments is that they all know there is no more room for humans on the planet. So they do not try and protect you from Monsanto Poison, Genetically Modified Foods, cleanliness in a food production facility, or guns. Basically they say they care, yet do nothing about these things, don’t matter if you die, the world has too many people.

Which brings us to the Movie Cooties. Many will want to tell you that this is a government sanctioned,  child zombie apocalypse. That it may be, they been trying to get rid of old people and children for a long time, because they do not benefit the workforce, right Senator Cruz? Rand?  What’s his name Trump, We hear you talking!

Actually it is not about dead children at all, although they are pretty close to it, in this case the cooties do not kill you, they just give you a powerful, hungry feeling!  Sorta like bad drugs do. This movie was special to Paul and myself. Paul is a science teacher. (Pay close attention to the science teacher in the movie, you will know a whole lot about Paul – I am NOT joking about that either! Notice the book he is reading at the beginning, a book Paul will not buy.)

Paul teaches 11 to 13 year olds in one class, so this movie was perfect for him.  Growing up I never met a bad teacher, although I thought they were all aliens (see Invaders from Mars) I really liked this movie but could only give it 3 out of 5 stars.

Why did I give it three stars? The movie is Rated “R”  not because of the violence in it, it was because of the foul language. I did not like that in the least bit. Some will argue that under the circumstance it was necessary. Not so, We all have watched similar movies and shows without any foul language at all. This language was way too much and unnecessary.



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2 Thoughts on “Remmy’s Review of ‘Cooties’ with Trailer

  1. Ha Ha Ha, so funny 😛
    But yes it’s a good movie, just a shame about the foul language that isn’t really required.

  2. StevenF on May 28, 2016 at 8:44 pm said:

    Usually foul language in a movie doesn’t bother me, but being around Remmy has changed my attitude a bit. I’m sure that the writer and/or director consider it “necessary” because of the stress that the adults find themselves under, but it was just as bad with the kids at the beginning of the movie. If a kid talked to me like that, I wouldn’t have let them get away with it. Okay, enough about that.
    There were some funny lines in the story, especially the in joke made to Elijah Wood when he first meets Rainn Wilson (I’m not going to tell you what it was, you’ll have to watch the movie to get it).
    All of the actors did a fine job playing the characters that they were given. Some of the gory parts were, I thought, a bit hokey but it did not distract from the scene(s). All in all, I would probably give it 4 stars mainly because I am an Elijah Wood fan.

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