Remmy’s Review of Bushwick

Bushwick, 25 August 2017, rated TV-MA, America is not prepared for an attack. Period. Even if we were, it is too late. We know we are going to be attacked, and it won’t be a little revolution, no it will be a full-out attack where women and children, as well as men, are shot on sight.

But a revolutionary war? Come on, is that even possible? Well, my friend yes it is. Texas and other states have already threatened to secede, but would they really go so far as to go to war? I think they would. After all, they have done it before.

Bushwick is a suburb in New York City where the action takes place. According to the script it is going on all over the United States. Who wins in this war? The movie doesn’t go into that, but you might be surprised at what it does go into.

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars. Watch it and prepare!

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