Remmys Review of Buffalo Boys

Buffalo Boys, 19 July 2018, Action. rated TV-MA (R) This is an action shoot-em up movie from Indonesia. A little blood and gore, but the action was non stop. A lot of people get killed, and they were not the ones that needed to be killed. The Dutch take over Indonesia and began making the farmers grow poppy. This causes hardships because the people, who eat rice for a mainstay food, do not have any, and are used as slaves.

In comes the grandsons of the late Sultan. Raised in the American west, these guys are not sure what to do, at least in the beginning, and the action tells you that if the bad guys are killed, others will take their place, and kill even more people.

I would like a sequel to this until the Dutch are wiped out completely, but to this day Indonesia still has plenty of poppy fields. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars. English and Indonesian, some subtitles where necessary.

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