Remmy’s Review of ATONE

Atone, 17 February 2019
This is a very rare find. It goes into the background of the Mega Churches, you know where the pastor lives in a mansion, drives a Bentley and has a 65 million dollar airplane. Every one of these pastors start out as good men, well not all of them, they are interested in the money. Yet they can care about the people and the poor.

Someplace along the line they forget that and are just interested in the money, and what they can scam from the poor. I am not pointing fingers at any church, and neither does the movie.

The interesting part of this movie is not the church itself, It is what happens when one man decides to play God, or maybe he is just playing a part that he was destined to. This is a movie where both sides are wrong, but there is a lesson to be learned.

I rate this movie 4 out of 5 stars, and I hope everyone that calls themselves Christian watches it.

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