Annihilation (Feb 2018) A sci-fi film that is different. Yes, different, you won’t find any space monsters here, but you will find something unexplainable. Everyone loves something that is unexplainable. Yet the more you see, the more confused you will be. An alien force, not a monster, is taking over the earth in a very strange way. I can’t say what because after watching it twice I still cannot define it. They have a name for it in the movie,  but they cannot explain it either.

You will see monsters but they are not from space, so you can still get a thrill from all the deaths, but are they really deaths? Nothing like chomping on the bits and bones and becoming what you eat, right? I loved the director who happens to be Alex Garland. Personally, I would have done this film differently but then again I am not a director.  All I can say about that is whatever you know about earth science throw it out because it will not apply. Now then there are parts that I didn’t care for. If you recall the alien creatures in Kong Skull Island, they were a first, and anytime a movie has a first then anything else is a copy, so the monsters of this film were not the brightest idea, they could have been tremendously better.

Natalie Portman plays the lead woman, yes, you would think it is a girly movie, but it is not, this movie from the word go is magnificent and different, except for the sub-par monsters. I rate this movie four out of five, definitely worth seeing.


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2 Thoughts on “Remmys review of Annihilation 2018 w/ trailer

  1. Mel Leach on June 11, 2018 at 4:41 pm said:

    I’ll have to see this movie as well. I like Natalie Portman. Sounds good.

  2. Steven Fritchie on June 22, 2018 at 10:50 am said:

    I like the visuals of the movie but am cautious about seeing it. If the protagonist is an unseen entity then I tend to lose interest. Natalie Portman is a good actress, but if the story line is as confusing as you make it sound, I’m not sure she would be able to get me interested.

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