Remmy’s review of 10,000 BC


10,000 BC 7 March 2008 rated PG, Action, Adventure, Drama. This is the first love story ever made featuring cavemen from this age, and it is an epic. Sabretooth tiger, Woolly Mammoths, Egyptians, in a time they thought they didn’t exist and of all things a girl with blue eyes. The Egyptians, of course, had hundreds of years to develop warfare before the cavemen came out and built huts. This is that story.

The acting in this film was good. I have seen some films dealing with this time period and they were horrible. The CGI was good, especially in its rendering of the woolly mammoths. The story flowed along nicely and the main characters were very sympathetic.

Although this is probably based on fiction, it rings true, and that is what makes a good story, or movie. I rate this 5 out of 5 and hope you enjoy it as much.

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s review of 10,000 BC

  1. Steven Fritchie

    There are a few movies depicting this time period, or older, but this one is more exciting and has better CGI. The story made sense and flowed well. A minor note, though, is that the main villain has long metallic fingernails which I have seen in another movie. This is worth watching.

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