Remmy’s Review: Gehenna: Where death lives

Gehenna: Where death lives, (2018 TV MA) It is a pretty good scary movie and it has all the features of a grade A movie, including some good stars that have walk-on roles at the beginning of the film. I am guessing it is so people think it will be better than it is.
The special effects were great for this film, the dialog was believable and the story line was different. I thought the acting was pretty good as well as the photography, although most of it is filmed in a bunker, which gives its own lighting problems for the light men and photographers.

This has several essentials, Karma for one, people from your past that haunt you, a time shift feeling (not time travel) Overall this was a great film.

I gave it 3 out of 5 stars, and you probably want to know why. I see things with logic, and several scenes although good were not very logical nor were they explained. For horror lovers, this is a movie to see

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s Review: Gehenna: Where death lives

  1. Steven Fritchie

    I agree that horror fans will probably like this film, but it really didn’t have any jump scares which, for me at least, is one good sign of a true horror story. The make up was good and the dialog was believable. Three stars is a reasonable rating for this movie.

  2. PaulM

    Ooookkk, scary movies and me do not mix. The trailer gave me the creeps with all the things running around in the dark. This looks like a movie I would enjoy, BUT I doubt very much I will have enough courage to watch it for more than a few minutes after the scares begin 😛

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