middle schoolI was only in middle school partial, I mean we moved a lot so staying in a school was almost impossible. I do not even remember if I passed middle school, I guess I did because a high school wanted me, but I do not remember much of that. Now I can tell you middle school sucked, but it didn’t. I was the smallest that I know of in the school and bullied a lot. I took it with a grain of salt, but if anyone tells you sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me… ignore them, they have no idea what they are talking about.

I was born a nudist. Raised a nudist, and the rules that everyone else followed did not pertain to me until I became twenty-one. That is a fact. So they could take my clothes and I didn’t care. I was not embarrassed and walked around the school naked until a teacher called my parents. My parents would be upset at the school, not me, for allowing it to happen. That came in handy A LOT. Of course the bullies and others were just a menace that I had to deal with, usually not too well. See I have a fast brain, and a faster mouth. Bullies are not very bright people and they are slow as molasses when it comes to thinking. . . but they sure can hit you hard.

On with the subject, to me Middle school with all of it’s bad things was great from what I remember. I had fun, of course I am also known for my pranks too, no I do not mean class clown, I mean pranks. Spider in a teachers drink, snake on the desk of another, rattlesnake eggs on another chair. I never pulled a prank that would hurt anyone (Of course kids don’t think about old people having heart attacks) None-the-less it wasn’t just objects I used, I used my words. Mrs. Darling you look beautiful in that dress. “Why thank you Remmy” Did you buy it at Walmart?


The rules. Each school had some basic rules, You cannot beat up teachers. Seems they can hurt you though even though these days they better be over the top if they do. Each school also had their own rules that other schools did not. For instance I went to a school where boys could wear short shorts but girls could not. I never understood that and it didn’t really matter to me because I got to wear sun suits, which was a good way to keep my clothes on since I was almost naked anyway.

One day a teacher said Remmy you sure are bright (referring to my matching orange outfit I was wearing) I politely said thank you, my clothes are bright too. You see if your brain is fast enough and your mouth faster you can have a lot of fun in middle and high school. Try not to use it with bullies. They can’t think fast enough so they beat you up. Yes, I repeated myself so you would remember that part.

I can’t tell you if this movie will be great, but I can tell you it looks like fun. I want to see it the day it comes out. I remember school differently than others do.




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4 Thoughts on “Remembering Middle School (ages 12-14) Middle School w/ Trailer

  1. pauly10 on March 6, 2016 at 6:31 am said:

    That looks like it could be quite funny. I reckon the main boy looks older than someone that should be in that age range though. His friend looks considerably younger compared to him. And yes I know how kids develop differently but that’s the first thing that I saw looking at the trailer 😛

    And yes your mouth is definitely quick, er I mean your brain is definitely quick !!

    Also, I have been on the receiving end of your pranks and they are funny AFTER the event 😉

    • Remmy2013 on March 6, 2016 at 3:19 pm said:

      You seem to love my pranks when I have you pull them on your friends and family 😛 Such as the train station hugs, the sheet prank your dad used — poor Rich, the rattlesnake eggs poor nosy Rob’s mother, The chocolate in the fridge… Rich never ate your candy again! And your roommate at University stealing your cereal… not to mention you and he both being scared out of your minds due to your own fault and setting him up with a giant spider. What about the crickets in the sugar bowl! I am so terrible yet you have laughed for years If I wasn’t so creative you would have had a boring life… well maybe not, but it wouldn’t have been as much fun. Never forget the good times and keep them in your heart, they only happen once in a lifetime.

      I am Spidey Paul's pet that he uses to scare the masses

  2. Where I went, we called it junior high school. I don’t really remember anything good or bad about it. The only event that made any impression on me at the age of 12 was when President Kennedy’s assassination was announced. I was getting ready to sit down for lunch when the announcement was made. A lot of the kids, mainly girls, started crying. A couple weeks later in typing class, we were given a sheet of instructions to follow. When we finished the instructions, a picture appeared. Mine was of President Kennedy which I scribbled a red aura around. I kept that for a few years. As a side note, my cousins went to the same school, so I never had to worry about bullies.

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