At the age of 12 I forced my math teacher to admit the Earth’s mathematics are wrong, although we still have to use it because I can’t save the world, my math sucks because I know it is wrong in the first place. Teachers and professors do not like to admit math is wrong, even though they know it is, and they teach it anyway instead of fixing it. However most if pressed will admit this. Then they will tell you, “To pass this course you need to do it their way. After that you can work on fixing it.”

Well if you are learning it the wrong way my friends it is going to be very hard to fix it. Which brings me to the theory of Relativity, created by Einstein of course. (Don’t you just love it when I talk about theory and science as if I know what I am talking about?)

How deep does this theory go? I mean I believe, and correct me if I am wrong, that Einstein’s theory was about space and time. Even though the math is wrong, I have reason to believe, that right here on the planet we can prove the theory, something no other scientist has been able to prove.

Are you ready?

Let’s take an ant, a snail, a cat, dog, human, cheetah and elephant as an example. Each moves in their own little world, at their own pace, they reproduce, die, go to Nirvana or whatever you want to believe. Yet something is amiss, they all go at different speeds! If you pick up a small dog and run with it, the dog is happy because he/she can go faster than ever before (a ride in a car), and his timeline doesn’t change, he did not grow older but by a few minutes, the same time as you. Yet when you set the dog down, he/she is back in his own time.

Now if you were to ride a cheetah, he goes faster than you can. You are now in his timeline, and will be until you get off his back. The theory works with elephants too.  Here is a photo to prove my point:


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4 Thoughts on “Relativity Revisited – Einstein

  1. That pic is so funny. I won’t get into the science part with you though as I always lose for some reason…

    • Remmy2013 on May 7, 2015 at 12:38 pm said:

      Well not sure about what part you would lose at Paul. I have an open mind, except about math, cause I have proved it wrong. Just because some old people don’t want to admit it, doesn’t mean I am wrong, they are wrong and they know it. But on everything else I am open for discussion…. and I even ask for corrections in the piece, if I am wrong of course. So if you lose, it is only because you have tunnel vision, which we scientists here in America call the Caveman Complex. 😛

  2. Axiom of extensionality
    Axiom of empty set
    Axiom of pairing
    Axiom of union
    Axiom of infinity
    Axiom schema of replacement
    Axiom of power set
    Axiom of regularity
    Axiom schema of specification

    I believe these are the 9 axioms of mathematics.

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