I have been watching my friends, from all over the world, posting pictures, videos, and memes of the Minions from some cartoon like movie. The other day IIio posted some and I just felt overpowered, why did he and millions of others like these things so well? My caregiver came to work yesterday with a package of Hostess (not Little Debbie) Twinkies.

I really dislike the things, I prefer cupcakes because I am so sweet and innocent 🙂 anyway I asked her “how could you stand to eat puffed air with nasty stuff in the middle?” She said “My daughters love them.” I looked at them and went hmmm, “Do they like minions too?”

She smiled and knowing I have all the movies since I was a kid answered “Yes, do you have Minion movies I can borrow?”

Well no I didn’t, but I finally put two and two together. OBESITY in the form of a CARTOON!


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One Thought on “Relationship between Minions and Twinkies

  1. Like you, I personally dislike Twinkies.

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