This keyboard was purchased as a gift and cost a considerable amount of money as it, obviously, contains genuine CHERRY MX mechanical switches. These switches are used by the leading keyboard manufacturers as they are robust and come in a wide range to suit either gamers or typists. They are also guaranteed for 50 million key presses so clearly cost a premium. This particular model contained the blue variety which are used by typists due to their tactile bump and an audible click. It is also available with the black and clear variety apparently.

When I opened the package it was clearly obvious that whilst the keys might last a long time I was not entirely convinced that the rest of the keyboard would. The frame looked and felt very cheap and the wrist rest didn’t look very sturdy at all. This would have been acceptable on something costing half the price but not for the amount that had been paid. Other reviews also seem to  reinforce my view, which is a shame as cherry has a reputation for producing keyboards that are used by professionals and for being sturdy and long lasting.

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3 Thoughts on “Paul’s review of the Cherry G80-3000-LCGB-2

  1. Steven F on December 20, 2016 at 9:38 am said:

    Well, good luck with that. It’s good other reviewers agree with you. Computer components are expensive save us all from buying trash like this.

  2. Remmy2013 on December 21, 2016 at 2:47 pm said:

    It shows that reviewers that are used to cheap things wouldn’t know a good product if they saw it. Paul has a lot of experience, he knows his stuff. If he says the keyboard is junk then I believe him.

  3. Some people may be perfectly happy with it, I just thought it was cheap looking for the cost. Plus something that looks cheap usually means it wont last too long.

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