Paul’s review of The Bad Education movie

The Bad Education Movie (rated R/15) is a continuation of a popular UK TV show that was released on 21st August 2015 and stars Jack Whitehall as Alfie Wickers a useless history teacher who is more childish than his students. Following a disastrous previous trip, the school reluctantly agree to the class going on one final school trip before they all leave. They do however insist that they are accompanied by a parent so that they do not get into trouble. The trip is only to Cornwall and not the planned Las Vegas so the class are not overly enthusiastic to be going and try very hard to ditch their chaperone, so they can have fun.

You do not need to have watched the original series to have an understanding of the characters, but some scenes were confusing as I didn’t realise who was who. There is also some nudity and foul language, but it is not overly used, and I was laughing throughout the whole movie even though some scenes were puerile. The supporting cast all played their parts well and the filming locations will show our American cousins the beauty of the UK 😊. You also really need to know that real teachers would not get away with any of what happened. Overall, I would rate this 4 out of 5 and I would watch it again but won’t add it to my collection.

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2 thoughts on “Paul’s review of The Bad Education movie

  1. Remmy Meggs

    Forgetting the lack of American English, let me just say I found nothing funny about this, I didn’t find it offensive either. This is a movie that wanted to be like an American teenage movie and failed all the way around. Of course, PaulM does happen to be English so he saw the humoUr in it. 3/5 and it was a waste of my Native American time. Just a side note, in the UK you can have sex legally at 16, but you have to be 18 to drink. There was a lot of drinking in this movie, and realistically I can hardly believe that all the overage kids would have been 18.

  2. Steven Fritchie

    I’m not familiar with the TV series, but I have seen a stand-up show with Jack Whitehall and I found him to be fairly funny. Most of the comedy in this, based solely on this trailer, seems to be childish and sadistic. I don’t know if I’d want to see this.

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