Paul’s review of Little Evil

Little Evil (15) was released on 1st September 2017 and stars Adam Scott as Gary, who has just married the woman of his dreams and taken on the role of step dad to six-year old Lucas. The wedding didn’t go exactly to plan due to the fact that Lucas might be the antichrist.

As you may be aware, I am not a fan of scary movies, but as scary movies go this is definitely on the lower end of the scare scale. In fact, there are more laughs than scares and this is what makes the movie so entertaining.

The supporting cast are really good, especially Bridget Everett who is Al a female work colleague of Gary who is also a step-dad to two kids. She has her own monster truck as well as a liking for rock music 😊

I would rate this 5 out of 5 and will definitely watch it again.

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2 thoughts on “Paul’s review of Little Evil

  1. Remmy Meggs

    I hate to say anything bad about my best friend but as cute and funny as PaulM thinks the devil is (you gotta wonder about that) this is a horror movie. From the word go, you realize that this is just not right, from Reverend Gospel (Clancy Brown) to the child welfare worker (Sally Field), things are terrible not to mention a six year old that can turn your life into a living hell, and btw the little devil kills one of the uncles at the wedding, make sure you pay attention and you will see it.
    For those of you that say well, boys will be boys, there is never a bad child… Kiss my grits!

  2. Steven Fritchie

    To me this movie is a parody of the “devil child” genre, i.e. The Omen, Rosemary’s Baby, etc. Lucas’ dress is similar to the child in The Omen. I have seen Adam Scott on a couple TV comedy shows and his characterization of a naive step father is excellent. All of the actors were enjoyable. This was a relief from other comedy films I have seen which rely on stupid toilet humor to funny “accidents”. This is a film I would recommend to others.

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