Paul’s review of Fractured


When a couple are traveling back from a Thanksgiving dinner, their daughter needs to visit the bathroom. Unfortunately, while she is there, she has an accident and must be taken to the hospital. This is the storyline of the 11th October 2019 released Fractured starring Sam Worthington as Ray Monroe and his wife Joanne, played by Lily Robe. Unfortunately, when they reach the hospital, his wife and daughter go missing and he is convinced that the doctors and nurses are covering up their disappearance for some strange reason.

This is one of those movies that at first, I didn’t think would hold my interest very long as the storyline seemed a little far-fetched. Oh, how wrong could I be? It was a superb mystery thriller that had you wondering what was going on throughout and the suspense was there right until the end. You will enjoy watching this and I rate it a strong 4 out of 5. Not quite perfect but close.

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