Paul’s review of Dismissed

Dismissed (15) was released on 21st November 2017 and stars Dylan Sprouse as Lucas Ward an intelligent high-school student who has just transferred to a new school because his dad has found new employment. He starts his new school with Mr. Butler (Kent Osborne) in his English literature class and it is clear he is a very bright student. Everything seems to be going well and he even joins Butler’s chess club. You soon start to wonder about him though when he threatens a fellow student and when he is given a B+ on one of his papers. He argues with Butler and begins a crusade to get him dismissed from his job.

For the first 10-15 minutes I was beginning to wonder if I had chosen another lousy movie, but as soon as Lucas began to show his real persona it became really engrossing. Sprouse played his psychopathic part extremely well and I felt myself wanting him to be found out. Osborne was also good along with some of the other victims. At the end I really wasn’t expecting what happened and I can wholeheartedly recommend this is added to your watch list. Easy 5 out of 5 from me.

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2 thoughts on “Paul’s review of Dismissed

  1. Remmy

    At first, I felt sorry for the protagonist. His work did deserve a 4.0 however because he didn’t see the book as his teacher did he only got the 3.0. That wasn’t fair. As far as threatening a belligerent student, I wish I was big enough to do that in school because I would have, more than once.

    Past that point, it is a whole different story. Not gory, not bloody, but on the edge of your seat scary. If you are a teacher, let this be a lesson to you. This boy gave himself away, but the one that deserved that A and you gave him or her less, could be the one to end your life. So think clearly MR./MRS. teacher, you do not make enough money to take chances. Just because a student does NOT agree with you, does not make the student wrong, if you cannot differentiate it makes YOU weak.

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