Boys in the Trees is a 2016 Australian release that I thought was going to be a horror movie. It is however somewhat different but still does have moments that are a bit scary albeit not what you would expect. It follows the story of a group of boys, that seems to be in their final years of high school, the leader of which is the typical bully who likes to stay in control of his troublemaking group. One of the boys seems to have some history with one of the bully’s victims and this is when the story goes down a very different path.
The story really does make you think how lives can be changed after one single incident and have repercussions for a long time. These can obviously be good and bad, and the movie did a good job of hiding the ending from me until right near the end. The acting was good and the ages were appropriate for the storyline, I also found the photography was used well to emphasize certain sections of the storyline.
It took me a while to write this review as for some reason it really did affect me, and I swear somebody was cutting onions near me at one stage.😉 I would rate this 5/5 and it should be on everyone’s watch list. If I find this on a disc I would easily add it to my collection.


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2 Thoughts on “Paul’s review of Boys in the Trees

  1. Remmy2013 on September 16, 2018 at 7:05 am said:

    When I was first told we were watching this movie I was already in horror. Clowns, nope, no clowns, but the movie poster sure made me think that. The Trailer was even worse, bullies running the town. This was not a movie for me but along with my friends I watched it, but only because they watch all the movies I recommend. Blah!

    This movie was done well and the actors were near the correct age except for the ringleader of the bullies. The problem is in the gang of bullies, the gang itself didn’t see themselves as bullies.

    Nope, this movie is about growing up and friendship. A sad heartbreaking tale, but well worth the watch. This movie will be in my head for a very long time.

  2. Steven F on September 16, 2018 at 2:07 pm said:

    This was a very interesting movie. It had an artsy feel but it was also tense. I thought it was about a psycho killer clown, but I was mistaken. Bullies, however, were the monsters of this film.
    Very good review Paul.

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