Paul’s review of Bird Box

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic thriller that was released on December 21st, 2018 and rated 15 in the UK (PG-13). Sandra Bullock stars as Malorie Hayes, an artist who is pregnant with her first child. She is taken to the hospital by her sister who as already warned her that there is an outbreak of mass suicide in Russia and Europe. When they are leaving the hospital, they soon realise that the outbreak has now spread to North America when a woman starts to head-butt a toughened glass window. The outbreak soon spreads and Malorie is forced to take refuse in a nearby home. The movie then alternates between the original incident and what is happening five years later. When movies do this it can be confusing, but in this instance, it was easy to follow, and you knew exactly what time frame you were in.

The reason for the outbreak is not entirely clear but it is definitely a sinister entity and the intrigue will keep you watching for the full two hours. There is also lots of blood, but nothing that I would consider over the top. The acting is very good and the two children, particularly the boy, play their parts well. You will enjoy this movie and I would give it a strong four out of five. I would watch it again but won’t be adding it to my collection.

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2 thoughts on “Paul’s review of Bird Box

  1. Steven Fritchie

    I must say that this turned out to be a better movie than I expected. The acting was excellent, the directing flawless, and the flow of the story was enthralling. My only complaint was the alien (?). It was not quite explained. Some of the characters gave their theories on what was going on, so I suppose it is up to the viewer to decide on their own.
    It was worthy of 4 stars, but I wouldn’t buy it. I would watch it again, though.

  2. Remmy Meggs

    Don’t you hate it when your mom loses her fake ‘cool’ and yells all day long even when you are good? Most kids go through this. In this case maybe all the yelling has a purpose, let’s not kid ourselves, calmly speaking works better.

    Ellen asked Sandra Bullock if she had trouble yelling at her two kid costars, (Bullock has two kids of her own) she said &*(% no way!

    Well, there is a lot of yelling at two 5-year-olds in this movie that have done nothing wrong. except for the girl, you have to expect that after all, she is a girl!

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