Paul’s review of Battleship


Very loosely based on the board game of the same name, Battleship was released on 11th April 2012 and is pretty much full on action for the two-hour length of the film.

It starts with scientists discovering a so called ‘goldilocks’ planet and initiating ‘The Beacon Project’ to send transmissions to it. A goldilocks planet is one that falls within a star’s habitable zone and is capable of hosting life, it is specifically used for planets that are close to the size of Earth.

Fast forward a few years and we are taken to Hawaii, the setting for the RIMPAC naval exercises. Hawaii, rather coincidentally, is also the location for the Beacon Projects radio telescopes that are used to send the transmissions to an orbiting satellite. You can probably work out what happens next….

Forget the rather tenuous link to the board game, this movie is really pretty good. The effects are cool, the soundtrack is a perfect match for the action on screen and I found the acting to be good as well. The only actor I recognised was Liam Neeson who portrays the U.S. Pacific Fleet commander. I really liked the fact that retired soldiers, including ones that had been injured in the line of duty, were used as co-stars of the film as I felt it gave the movie more authenticity. Other people would have also recognised Rihanna, but thankfully I only found this out when writing this review 🙂

This is a movie in my collection, so it will be no surprise that I rated it highly at 4.5/5.

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