When I was at University I used to take Spidey with me as he came in useful, especially to annoy my roommate who could be a pain at times. I decided to put him in the bathroom so when he walked in he would get the fright of his life but unfortunately things, at first, didn’t quite go to plan.

paully_holding_spideyRemmy keeps telling people I have a terrible memory and I guess sometimes it’s true 😛 . I set up my roommate perfectly. He was going to go to the bathroom and literally have… well let’s put it this way – he would never have trouble going again!

Unfortunately, my roommate was gone so long and I had to use the bathroom. I walked in completely oblivious and there staring back at me, was a red knee tarantula. Your mind does weird things and I freaked out, running out of the bathroom thankful that I was already empty otherwise it might have been messy. After what felt like minutes but was probably only seconds my mind ‘clicked’ and I realised that I had just pranked myself! If it did that to me I couldn’t wait to see my roommate’s reaction.

When he finally came back, I was busy in my room and let him get on with things. As usual you forget about things and I was still working away when I heard this almighty scream. I ran out of my room and saw him running from the bathroom and into his room and looking like he was crying. I chased after him and he was freaking out blabbering about some hairy thing in the bathroom. I tried my best to calm him but he really was in a state. I then realised what had happened and started to laugh. He looked at me like I was nuts.


I tried but no matter what I couldn’t control my laughing and he realised that I had done something. You know when you see someone’s face change from frightened to confusion and then to anger? That is what I saw and started to leave his room and go back to mine.

He was having none of it and chased after me asking me if I knew anything about that horrible thing in the bathroom. I had to confess and said ‘yeah don’t worry it’s not real, look I will show you’. I got Spidey from the bathroom and took it to him. He was fuming and chased after me, all the time I was laughing. He punched me a good few times on the arm (play punches-but still bleeping hard!). My arm was covered in bruises for the next few days as he would randomly play punch when he saw me remembering what I had done 🙂


The second one I would like to share was totally by accident but it was still fun. The window in my room at home never allowed enough air in as it only had a top opening. I probably whined that much about it dad agreed for it to be changed and the window guy arrived a few weeks later to change it.

To take out a window you need to remove the glass from the inside and then go outside to remove it. So they set up the stuff outside and one guy asks if it is ok come in to take out the glass. So I leave him to it and he goes into my room and starts taking out the glass. Next thing I see is a grown man running down the stairs shouting lots of words I can’t repeat here. He comes running to me and says go put the ‘f^&%^$£’ thing away.

Obviously, I had no idea what he was on about and asked him to show me what he was on about. He refused to go anywhere near my room until as he put it ‘that hairy spider is nowhere near me’. I laughed so much as I put him back in his home and carried him downstairs. The window guy was at the bottom of the stairs waiting and as he saw me with the box he disappeared outside until I promised him that Spidey was safely out of the way.

I am always friendly when we have people working and offer them a drink and stuff. Those two guys refused everything, and I am sure that is the quickest window fit they had ever done in their lives!

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3 Thoughts on “Paul’s Prank #3

  1. Remmy2013 on September 19, 2016 at 3:59 pm said:

    So funny I have been laughing for years over these pranks, especially when you prank yourself! Unbelievable but so true!

  2. Steven F on September 19, 2016 at 7:58 pm said:

    #1: I don’t blame your room mate for getting upset with you for that, but it IS funny, and #2: you pulled off a prank without really trying. Good job.

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