Parents are confusing

Parents are confusing

Parents are always so smart. Of course when I was a kid they weren’t so smart, but after a lot of education I finally got them to be bearable. Once trained parents can be fun, mischievous, funny, and even cooperative. Amazing what a few years of rules can do for a parent.  But parents, as well as you train them, will always have one flaw. They can never make up their mind what they want!

“We’re going to the store… no you are staying home.”

“We are going to the store… no way I am leaving you home.”

“Take care of your brother, I mean sister, whatever that kid is!”

Yes they are confusing to the max. I was sitting with my feet in the air and mom says, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Well first, as far as I was concerned I was grown up, and being in a wheelchair didn’t give me many options.. So I said, “I want to be a rock and roll star.”

She gave me an evil look and said “You are a demon and going to hell.”

I immediately came back with, “I was only teasing. What I really want to be is an astronaut.”

That placated her, she smiled and said “Follow your dreams.”

Now she is yelling for me to get my lazy ass out of bed.

So Confusing.



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2 Thoughts on “Parents can be…

  1. I must always follow my dreams….

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