The history behind the making of The Godfather Part IIĀ (December 1974) is just as interesting as the storyline of the movie. Francis Ford Coppola intertwined two stories within one film: the history of the Corleone family, starting with the death of Vito Corleone’s father and going up to Vito’s rise as head of the Family Read More →

There is nothing that beats great country music. I mean the music where the artist wrote the song, played it and sang it. Those were the good old days. Now the artist doesn’t usually write the songs. They are bought from other artists, and the songs are mundane for the most part. They just don’t Read More →

  Remmy has been after me for forever to do a post about my awesome Remmy Meggs coffee cup. Although this post is late in coming, I do love that mug. It’s one of my favorites. If you are a coffee drinker, then you know that we all have preferences when it comes to our Read More →