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book-reviewWe all want five-star reviews from verified purchasers. If you cannot follow directions, however, stop right here. Book reviews are too important to not follow these simple directions.

  1.  If you want me to read your novel, please have it in English, edited first, then formatted properly.  If I like it, you will get 5 stars.
  2. You must have a completed novel, no missing chapters, and a proper ending.
  3.  Each of those books that will be in a series must be ended properly. In other words, they must stand on their own.

I have standards, I am sure you do as well. I do not review books with blatant sex or foul language, violence is okay if appropriate to the chapter it is in.

Books I prefer to read, Historical fact/fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy,  Young adult,  Action-Adventure all with a strong male lead,  I will consider others but ask first. I read many books each month so I have limited time.

Here is the deal. I have been ripped off by several unscrupulous authors.

4. Because of this, you must send me a receipt from Amazon, for a Kindle or Paperback copy of one of my books (Prime/Unlimited is okay you can still send a receipt). Within 24 hours I will send you the same for the book I bought that YOU want me to review. Why? Because when we do a review we both get a Verified Purchase, we both win. If you do not want to review my book, or cannot give it 5 stars,  I will do the same. We both lose.

5. Either way, we both made a sale.

6. One other thing, you must actually read one of my novels, not skim over it. When posting your review, it must be in your name, and it must be a verified purchase. Anything less is ripping me off. I put a lot of effort into your book and promotion, I expect you to do the same with mine.

Agree to review one of these books:

Legacy Grapes of Rome 


















Saving Tomorrow









7. We will approve each other’s review before they are posted.

I will put the review on this blog, Goodreads, Twitter, Google, Google+, Digg, and Amazon. Not only that, I will promote those reviews through this website. In return, you will read and Review my books on Amazon USA, UK, EU and AUS, and preferably Goodreads. I take great pride in my reviews because I actually read the book!



Email: remmymeggs at gmail dot com



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