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book-reviewIf you want me to read your novel, please have it in English, edited first, then formatted properly.  If I do not like a book, I will not review it. If I like it, you will get 4-5 stars. You must have a completed novel, no missing chapters and a proper ending. Each of those books that will be in a series must be ended properly. In other words, they must stand on their own.

I have standards, I am sure you do as well. I do not review books with blatant sex or foul language, violence is okay if appropriate to the chapter it is in.

Books I prefer to read, Historical fact/fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy,  Young adult,  Action-Adventure all with a strong male lead,  I will consider others but ask first.

Here is the deal. I have been ripped off by several unscrupulous authors. Because of this you must send me a receipt from Amazon, for a Kindle or Paperback copy of one of my books (Prime is okay you can still send a receipt). Within 24 hours I will send you the same for the book I bought that YOU wrote.. Why? Because when we do a review we both get a Verified Purchase, we both win. If you do not want to review my book, then of course I will not review yours. We both lose. Either way we both made a sale. One other thing, you must actually read one of my novels, not skim over it.

Agree to review one of these books:

Legacy Grapes of Rome 


















Saving Tomorrow









We will approve each other’s review before they are posted.

I will put the review  on this blog, Goodreads, Twitter, Google, Google+, Digg, and Amazon. Not only that, I will promote those reviews through this website. In return you will read and Review my books on Amazon USA, UK and AUS, and preferably Goodreads. I take great pride in my reviews because I actually read the book!



Email: remmymeggs at gmail dot com



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