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The problem is, I hear the word Immature a lot. I hear it at least three times a day “Remmy you are just to immature to understand…” “Remmy if god wanted you to act like that you would still be a little boy.”

The problem is I am a little boy… seriously, I am not a dwarf or a midget I am just small. and at age 25 as of this writing I am barely five foot tall (with shoes it is 5 foot) and I weight 80-90 pounds depending on how much I ate for the week. But I went out the other day and some old lady called this old man (and when I say old they had to be in their 80’s at least) and she called him immature!


You really get tired of that word. So I thought about it and here is what I came up with (actually someone else did but I am using it)


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