I want to talk about girls. Yea I like girls, but I do not think I want to marry one. They say you marry a girl that is just like your mother… Ain’t gonna happen here! I sure do not want to marry a girl that is like my mother. More importantly I see two types of people, not just women, but men and women.

There is a lady here at the apartments I live in. When I fell out of my chair and broke my crown, she was the first person there giving help. She is always one of the first to help others, set up events for the disabled and elderly, she is always in the middle of things, she is 76 years old. However if you were to listen to her you would think she hates the world. She does not, she is one of those people that wants what is best for everyone, and she is very verbal about it. Is she a good person? From the bottom of my heart, I think she is.

Then there is another type of lady that lives here. She does nothing to help anyone, everything is about her, and if it is not, she talks bad about others. I told her one day I didn’t want to hear any more of it. Her reply was, “I thought you were a nice boy.” Well sorry nice boys do not want to hear what is bad about everyone. It got back to me that she now talks bad about me. Oh well. I am either in bed or in this wheelchair all the time. I see about six doctors each month, and only go outside when the weather is perfect for me. So talk bad about me all you want, not much I can do bad. I do not see this woman as a good person, but who am I to judge?

So I had to sum it all up in one picture (you knew that was coming I bet). Another time I will talk about men… I can already tell you I won’t be talking this nice about them.girls-pretending

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