I love historical films, and books for that matter. To me they are laughable. Authors and screen writers trying to make the best historical representation they can You will be hard pressed to find nude art or statues from the middle ages, although they exist at castles and a few select art museums as in France.

In movies and in books you see all these famous people, rich for the most part mind you, wearing fancy clothes day and night. They changed clothes several times a day. Not so. Everyone wore clothes no matter how old they were. Um, that isn’t true either. See Grapes of Rome for a reality check, oops that happened in ancient Rome, not the middle ages, See: Jeremy Ruhl for a more factual representation, oops, that was in the late 1800’s. Well gosh people, there are not many factual stories about the middle ages.

Let me tell you some facts about the middle ages. First very few wore clothes unless it was winter, field workers, stable people, and the like wore something to cover their fronts for safety.. Yes the aristocracy wore clothing, but not normally. They saved what expensive clothes they had for special occasions, and this included kings and queens, this continued on until the Victorian age, and until 1940 in America. Yes and that is the truth.

Secondly although before the middle ages people took many baths, during and until 1940 worldwide most only took a bath once a month. Lucky ones, once a week, and only the very rich on a daily basis. You see in those days, they thought they would die of pneumonia if they took them more than that. They didn’t have deodorants. They poured perfumes and oils on their bodies daily to keep the stink away, and believe it or not, many smelled so bad from oil and perfume people stood their distance, even while dancing. I guess that was better than smelling body odor and infections they constantly lived with. All this time you thought they were joking about being with a man or a woman back then? They had to be drunk to get rid of the smell. Disease? It was rampant, infections just from touching another, much more if they had sex. To put it bluntly the middle ages, also known as the dark ages, was actually the stinky age.

The people of the middle ages were not the prudes writers make them out to be, rather they were naked humans, afraid to take a bath. They actually smelled better than the non nudists who dressed, stinking worse than a cattle barn, and wore the same clothes  for months at a time.

Again most did not wear clothes except when absolutely necessary, and it was not normally necessary in day to day life. What about the robes they wore? Now that is a question that makes sense. The poor could not afford clothing at all, and very few could sew much less darn socks. In the cold months people wore robes, from neck to the ground to keep out the cold. In movies we see them wearing these heavy wool robes in the summer. Not so. You say but the clergy. . . In seminary the clergy barely wore anything in the summers, and they wore robes in the winter. The word seminary alone will tell you why. It was a semen depository for novitiates. . . and from about 1580 to the 1900’s girls schools were also named seminaries. I wonder why. Oh you think of the reason, I already know it. They were houses of prostitution.

Sex was rampant, just as we imagine other religions of our day sodomizing boys and marrying underage (by underage I mean children under the age of 13).

As Queen Victoria put her foot down on all these abuses, pedophiles went into the cracks, but were still allowed in polite society. Including some of America’s founding fathers. Personally I think Queen Victoria was one of the greatest monarchs of modern history. However even in her day she was criticized for trying to save children and her prudishness.

I have to say this about nudity. Whether you believe in God or not, does not matter on this. You were born naked. Stay that way. If you do not stay that way and allow your children to stay that way, then you invite pedophiles to your home.

Modern nudism is much different than those of the middle ages or even the last 100 years.


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4 Thoughts on “Nudism and the middle ages

  1. I would agree with the smelly and disease bit as sewers were only introduced in the late 19th century. Up until then the ‘poop’ would just run into the rivers. Unfortunately, people also used to have a bath in the local rivers!
    And I suppose in TV/films, if they showed people naked they would probably not be allowed to show it at all.

    • Remmy2013 on December 20, 2015 at 7:16 am said:

      Very knowledgeable Pauly, but that does not excuse the whimsical writers from writing about the middle ages, at least pretending to know what they were talking about.

  2. Steven Fritchie on December 20, 2015 at 9:51 am said:

    Two notes on Queen Victoria: 1) While Prince Albert was alive, Queen Victoria was, what we would call a “sex maniac”; look at how many kids she had, 2) when presented with a Bill condeming “sodomy” (modern equivalent=homosexuality), she struck out the word “lesbian” because, as she said in a side note:This does not exist. Two books dealing with the Middle Ages & sexuality are Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” and the “Decameron”.

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