Microsoft-Office-home-student2013Really now, I have been using Microsoft Home and School since I can remember. Even bought the thing. Yes I BUY SOFTWARE.  The version I have now is 2013, I cannot afford to make monthly payments, I am not a professional.

After two months of rebuilding a computer that should have taken 4 hours, I began installing all the great software I have and some new things. . . I will dispense with talking about the new things. I do not want to get a headache. So with the computer up and running I log in to MS, get my product key and tell it to install.

It doesn’t install.

I follow all the directions and try again.


Start over.

It still did not install.

At this point I ordered the disc it was like $17.00 but it had to install from a disc right?

After following all the directions online and some by third party people with the same problem, I reinstalled from disk. It installed. Then it locked up on the splash screen. Wouldn’t take my name or my serial number.

Back online I search for fixes. hours and hours and hours of reading. Several attempts to follow directions from Microsoft and others. I come to one site that is different now they point out ABBEY, but abbey was not installed, but one note was, so I took that off the COMS, and presto the splash screen pops up and wants my name and serial number.

I put them in and it worked. Now I can start writing and formatting again.

The problem with MS software is they want to add so much stuff you DO NOT want, they ruin the base program. This software should install just like any other software, whether it is from their website or on disk, without problems like this. Well the thing I AM happy about, is my computer is finally done. Until I see something else I want to add 😉


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3 Thoughts on “Nightmare Software

  1. Steven Fritchie on January 9, 2016 at 11:08 am said:

    Gosh, I’m glad that its so much easier than a laptop. 😉

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