Things change as time goes on. I have posted about those atrocious suntan lines before, I understand hard working people on farms getting a farmers tan, or the guy or girl in a wheelchair that can’t hide their skin from the sun. I guess everyone has an excuse of some kind.

Being from a nudest family I personally abhor tan lines, and others think they are sexy…. um okay, maybe you need new glasses. To each his/her own right?

That brings me to the new fad in suntan lines. So far I have not seen this personally, but I bet this summer I will. Enjoy the pic and be warned it could be you in the next pic!

tan lines

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One Thought on “New Suntan Lines for those who love the Sun!

  1. This is hilarious but you may be correct. I think that the human body is very nice looking as it is. I know a lot of people like tattoos, but to me it is like graffiti on a masterpiece. I am undecided on nudism, while I certainly enjoy it at home I am not sure that I am ready to be in public without clothes. As for being sexy looking for me it is someone wearing bikini briefs are a small speedo. I think that is because I can see most of their body and the parts that I can’t see, my imagination is often better than reality.

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