Legacy Grapes of Rome Book Cover Legacy Grapes of Rome
Remmy Meggs
Historical Action Adventure
RWP Books
Oct 12, 2016
Paperback and Kindle
Amazon Worldwide

As the son of a Roman General and Statesman, he was destined to become an officer in his father’s army, learn to run the family business, and marry. This was Rome at the beginning of the Republic and right after the last of the kings. It was a deadly time of corruption, traitors, and assassins. This was a time when ten year olds died in battle and when twelve year olds led the troops, a time when twenty to thirty year olds ruled a Republic and those older yet, ruled the senate. Young Dante couldn’t have foreseen what would happen to him and his childhood friends, but then, it was expected of them. Follow Dante in his journey into manhood in this passionate tale about an unlikely hero, the brutality of war, and survival.

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5 Stars – The adventures of early Roman boys
3 Feb. 2016
By Tedwill Published on Amazon.com
Format: Kindle Edition

Legacy – Grapes of Rome by Remmy Meggs (book 1). An evocative story of preteen boys who grow up in a rural society thriving for safety and peace.. It puts a new perspective on the way early society lived. When the early kingdoms failed, they were fighting for the beginnings of the first Roman Republic.The young boys are forced to enter into warfare with neighboring Etruscans and Iberians to earn the way of life they want. Dante, the main character is forced to take lives of his enemies.

At that time the soldiers of the legions were made up of boys aged 10 upwards with 14 year olds becoming the centurions and tribunes. Dante was from an aristocratic family supported by slaves, his father whom he loved very much was a general of the army and a senator in primitive Rome. Following the loss of a friend and his slaves, Dante goes on the offensive and becomes a soldier and tribune to be reckoned with. He wins some decisive victories and overcomes betrayal that cost him more friends. I read this exciting story twice already and i cannot wait for book 2. I highly recommend it for 12 years upwards.

From Remmy: On a second note, Grapes of Rome has now sold in Spain!


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  2. Cool review, way to go 🙂

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    What a great review!! And I can’t wait for book 2 either.

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