These are in alphabetical order not the order of importance.

A Knights Tale PG-13 (2001)  Although not a fan of medieval movies, this caught my attention. It is funny, the music, or should I say, what they did with the music, is absolutely amazing. The characters are almost comic book heroes as they fight their way to the big game.

Poster for the movie "Dracula Untold"

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Dracula Untold PG-13 (2014) Gritty and grounded. Not a fan of vampire movies, so when I saw this I almost passed over it. There have been a couple of Dracula movies that speculated on how Vlad (The Impaler) became a vampire. We know he got that name from the atrocities he performed on the Turks and others, however the fairy tale part of it was never explained in a decent format. This movie does that.

Jungle 2 Jungle PG (1997) As a boy I always wanted to live in the Jungle. Partly because I read The Jungle Book, which was not like any cartoon, and Peter Pan. As I grew older I realized that if I would have lived in the jungle I would have been dead a long time ago. So what if I had a kid and he lived in the jungle? Let’s not go there, but here you have it, a guy’s kid is raised in the jungle and the kid wants to go to America (not sure how they got the documentation for that) but I thought it was a funny and an almost believable fairy tale.

The Jungle Book PG (2016) After reading The Jungle Book, watching a Disney cartoon movie about it just didn’t cut it. I passed on this one for years until the 2016 version came out I had no interest at all. 1st problem, Disney made it. 2nd problem animals move their mouths when they talk. When I was thinking about the review for this movie I thought we could start out with a 1 and go down from there. Except I had one problem. I can talk to animals and usually calm them down and I know what animals want (usually they want to eat you), so a little boy that talked to animals intrigued me. I watched it, the CGI was incredible, and this movie won an Oscar. Well needless to say forget the Oscar I loved the movie enough to give it 5 stars and it DID end up on my most loved movies of all time.

Jurassic World  PG-13 (2015) We traveled most of my young life so about the only thing I had was a small bag of

Nick Robinson (Left) Ty Simpkins (right)

plastic dinosaurs (plastic is made from real dinos btw) (featured in my novel Backyard Adventures) and my books. When Jurassic Park  came out I was thrilled, I was thrilled when all the others came out. So you are wondering why this one is the only one that made it on this list? Two of the others had kids in the movies. Excellent. But Ty Simpkins (The character Gray) added something different to this movie.In one person you had the action adventure, nail biting end of your life scenario that most movies lack. His performance alone is why this movie is on my list.

Lucas PG-13 (1986) Sometimes life isn’t fair, with me, or in particular the story behind this movie. Made almost four years before I was born, I didn’t get to see it until I was almost ten for heaven sake. I think this was the first movie where I could actually say I had a hero. Didn’t matter if he won or lost, because most do lose. What matters was the excitement, wonderment and adventure that Lucas put forth. Another outstanding movie.

The Mummy Returns PG-13 (2001) Another Mummy movie? Sounds like one of the best Dr. Who shows ever made Mummy Mummy Mummy? Anyway I saw the first one and it had a lot of action, some adventure and lots of zombies. So when the second one came out I was not overly thrilled with the idea. What can they do to make it better, the Mummy comes back, blah since the 1930s the Mummy always comes back. Alex is what was different, he added life to a over used theatrical piece and made it come alive. Nothing more need to be said.

Neverland PG (2011) Made for TV movie (British). It was 2011 when I first heard the title, no I did not want to see another Michael Jackson mockery. I sure didn’t like what Disney had done to Peter Pan since long before I was born… A GIRL playing Pan? preposterous, but they did it. So I waited and waited and one day flipping through the channels at home, while my parents went out to eat, I caught a glimpse of this 3 hour movie. I lost it, I was flipping too fast. It took me several years to find it again, and I bought it, only because it was so hard to find. I am happy I did. I love this movie, and it puts Pan as I saw him when I read the book.

Rare exports: A Christmas Tale R (2010)  I for one think the R rating on this movie is too harsh (This is the only R rated movie on my list), but then again you see a bunch of old men running around naked for a few seconds, in this case the same dirty old men that pretend to be Santa’s helpers during the Christmas Holidays. So maybe it should be PG-13. The story is based on Sammi (the Sammi are a people) legend. The real story of Sinter Klaus, is not what you see at Macy’s, so heaven forbid, lie to your children and don’t let them see this movie. I for one found it funny, scary, adventurous and heroic.

Stargate PG-13 (1994) Again before I was born a science fiction novel and movie that took my breath away. Not that it was so scary, but because the buildup in the movie as a real adventure. From the 1920s excavations, finding things scientists couldn’t piece together, and working it all the way through to the finish, or is it? Basically it was an all star cast and over the top. Didn’t take much to get this on my top ten list.

Your top ten list may not include any of these movies, then again it might include some. These are MY favorite movies. I hope you love all of them, but if you don’t I understand, everyone has different tastes.

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4 Thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Movies of all time

  1. Steven Fritchie on September 21, 2017 at 6:58 pm said:

    I agree with your choices for the most part. I can not comment on “Neverland” because I have not seen it.

  2. I think I would change a couple but that is a good top ten list and definitely in my top 15 😉

  3. Mel Leach on September 22, 2017 at 4:29 pm said:

    I haven’t seen any of those movies and I bet that doesn’t surprise you. 🙂

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