My mom never ceases to amaze me. She sent me this today, and I want to make sure everyone sees it so they know what Momsters are really like. She has had an Alien drivers license for years, (Issued by the State of Michigan) she will only flash it in front of me, won’t let me look

My Mom!

My mom!

close at it, but hands it to everyone else and everyone laughs at the “cute” joke. But they are not fooling me, she is fooling them! She says she is an alien with tentacles and the tentacles come out when she is in the bath, that is why when I was little I was never allowed into the bathroom with her.

Today she sent me this ‘cartoon’, actually it is an alien 3d photo that has been flattened. Now I am talking about a lady that while in the hospital, told several of the hospital staff (all in the room at the time) that the readings they were getting were sent down from the mother ship to fool them.

They should have put her away for a long time at that point, but she laughed and they thought it was a joke. She fooled them again! I have never called my mother an alien, just a momster. Just so you know that.


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3 Thoughts on “Momsters and Reality

  1. I really can’t make a comment about that….

    ….she might kill me with her tentacles 🙂

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