Pay Attention WOT and Wargaming, you are losing people, I know it and you know it, that is why you need to charge so much for ammunition and tanks. But let us look at why you are losing them. When you started out you have Tiers for a reason, yes by golly, you still have them. These Tiers represent tanks that have the same or nearly the same attributes (except for the PZIC which should be in tier 5) and your new tier X tanks and some tier 8 tanks that should be in tier 11 and 12! You cannot pit tanks in tier 1 with tier three, or tier 8 with tier 9 and ten. It is time you woke up, these new players and mediocre players such as myself are tired of being cannon fodder for the rich. Let us play our own tiers and I am sure people will come back.


The new MM looks nice on paper, but in reality when I see one side winning 15-1, something is wrong with your MM and RNG, so you need to fix it once and for all and stop making empty promises, such as banning cheaters. which you do not do no matter what you are telling the users oh yeah and if you are in reality banning them, then you need to tell us regardless of your bs rules. CHANGE YOUR RULES.. So stop lying to people.


If you want to be a government, then charge people 25% of their income to play, and give them the tanks and ammo and other goodies a tank needs, otherwise make a game for all. That starts by playing tier 1 tanks with tier 1, tier 6 with tier 6 and so on, and do it now, we are tired of your crap. I left for 4 years because of it, I have come back, heard all your lame promises and NOTHING has changed since you started.You do not need 15 tanks on a team, but you do need the same number of tanks on a team, a longer wait? Well then that is fine, a fair game is better than what you are giving us.


When will you wake up? Some of us are not as good as others, so keep us in the same tier or lose thousands more players. Let us set 3 months for this change to take place, so get with it you money hungry Bulgarians and Russians..Are there things I do not understand? No there is not, before I got sick I was a programmer, I understand the costs involved in having a fair game. Do you understand why players are going to your competition, I will wait three months.


I will not buy anymore premium vehicles, and I will not buy anymore gold rounds, or HE or HEAT, that is my promise. If nothing changes in three months, then we will start an all out attack on your fairness policy on the net and go play on a game that treats its users with respect, which you have shown you do not. When I say we, I am speaking for many people that play the game now. Of course I am not speaking for your cheaters or rich people, I am speaking for the majority. Yet in my opinion over 60% of your users are cheating because they do not feel they have an alternative. Yes my dear WOT, if the games were fair there would be less cheaters. Are you getting kickbacks from those cheating companies or are they free and just want to even the odds?


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  1. Steven F on June 1, 2017 at 8:45 am said:

    Wow! I totally agree with everything that you said even though I do not play the game. If they really want to keep their players, there must be some changes made so that the players are the main focus and not how much money can we get out of them by using sneaky tactics.

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