Lar’s Greg’s Treasure Map Update Video May 14, 2019

Shamefully I must admit I have never seen any of movies. After reading and hearing about the man who put it all together, Sterling Johnson, who has made many films over the years, I took a closer look.

I will let you look at their homepage and read it well, you will be surprised at what one man will do for a bunch of runny nose kids (OK that is an exaggeration because that only happens when they are in the wet and cold)

This month I could actually afford to donate to their cause, doing without beefburgers, beans and (cry) my ice cream, to afford it. So I donated. I hope you will find it in your heart to donate as well. I think it is a good cause.

Below, Lars Panchuk gives us an update on the next movie. IF you DO donate to the project let me know and I will feature YOU!

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