Remmy’s Review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

I for one am a little tired of the Jurassic Park Franchise since Bryce Dallas Howard was introduced to it. She was bad in Jurassic World, and worse in Fallen Kingdom, June, 2018, some people just should not be put in front a camera, people like Ron Howard for one. It is not the obvious ugly red hair, or lack of hair, it is the lack of acting skills.

But the franchise has lost its glory, mediocre actors, and downplaying the good actors they had/have, such as Ty Simpkins who made Jurassic World a success. Yet most of us like dinosaurs, until that is, we actually realize they are all related to snakes. Or maybe all snakes are related to them.

Unless of course, you are under the false belief that ALL dinosaurs developed into birds and flew away. The problem with these Dinosaur movies is that they are under the assumption that all Dinos lay eggs. I am here to tell you they didn’t. Am I an expert to know such things? Not exactly, but I did raise snakes for several years Until I was swallowed whole, well okay until I got sick 😛 . That is when I found out the truth. You hardly ever hear of snakes giving live birth, just like humans do. The fact is that many snakes give live birth, and the others were all birdlike. Ah-ha now the truth be told.

With all the franchises errors, they have many things right. The worst mistake they have made in my opinion is to have anything to do with the Howard family. Whether you like them or not is up to you, but that is my opinion. The second mistake is having a T-Rex be the hero in all the films. They need new writers. I counted 140 errors in logic, in this movie, but still…

I rate Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom 4 out of 5, if Bryce Howard was missing I would have given it a 5.

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2 thoughts on “Remmy’s Review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

  1. Steven Fritchie

    I agree that this is the weakest film of the franchise. In the last film, Bryce Dallas Howard was a hard-nosed bureaucrat and now she is an enviromentalist? The dinosaurs were good and the beginning of the film was action packed, but once the Big Business aspect came into the story, it was boring and predictable.

  2. PaulM

    I was expecting a lot from this movie, following on from the rebooted Jurassic World, but I have to agree it wasn’t the best and BDH should be axed from the franchise (so irritating!). Let’s hope number 3 is better 🙂

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