780T_Black_001Sometimes people amaze me, it is not my birthday nor is it a national holiday. A couple of weeks ago Pauly loaned me money to get a full ATX motherboard because I had no expansion slots in the one I had, and a new full ATX motherboard would not fit in my old case. So I elected to use an older case to put the new ATX board in it. It will take me 2-4 months to pay Pauly back for the motherboard, keep that in mind.

So he told me when I get the motherboard he wanted me to get a cooler like he has. So I asked him which one I should buy. He told me I had to send him a photo of the computer case I am going to use. Finally I sent it to him, since he wouldn’t tell me anything. Then he says well that case is small and very dirty, I want you to have a better case… huh? I have no money for a case, but I didn’t say that. I said that is the only one I have.

A few days ago he tells me he is going to buy me a case. I said I already owe you enough. (Pauly has loaned me money for many things over the years, and I always paid him back, but this was a little too much, a top of the line motherboard and a case?) He says no, this is a gift… I said for my birthday (November) he says no, For Christmas? He says no, I am just buying it for you. Me: Swirly head.

We had cases picked out this summer we would like to have. He got his, and put an Intel I7 5th generation chip in it, he got a new computer! I didn’t need a new chip, I just needed a full size motherboard. I was so happy for him because his old computer was clunky and did I say old? Took him 15 minutes to reboot! When you only see each other a couple of hours a day 15 minutes is like forever.

So he tried to order the new case for me. No US Company would take his Paypal card, the reason? Because he was from the UK, and Amazon.com had it but was $40 USD more expensive. That is odd, and he tried several different places, so after a week of trying, he gave up and sent the money to my Paypal account. then sat with me until I ordered it. So it is ordered, and should be here sometime next week- The first week of August 2015.

I can never thank people like Pauly enough for doing what they do for me, and this is a very special thing he has done. Pauly thank you so very much, and to all those others that have helped in other ways, thank you too.




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5 Thoughts on “It makes my head swirl

  1. Anna Lund on August 28, 2015 at 3:07 pm said:

    Thank you, Pauly, for taking care of your friend. <3

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