I am not going to lie I need your help. But no one does something for nothing. so I have set up a way that we can both come out in a good way.

Right now I am working on several projects, as always. Foundations Grapes of Rome, the second book of Grapes of Rome. I just finished chapter one of the novel and it is at the editors now. The second is Backyard Adventures, a second installment called Mad Dog. A boy and his dog lose their lives… well let’s just say it is spooktackular.  On the video front I am working on a video called Beards – The Atrocity. Whether you like beards or not you are going to want to see this. A second video I am working on is ‘Grooming for guys’. From adolescence to old age, this maybe a several part tutorial, to help guys cope with hair growing, where hair shouldn’t be growing. Available to all patrons.

Giveaways, if you are in the Giveaway rewards then be looking for Free 15 oz Coffee Mugs of my books with your real name on them ($100.00 patron! I am working on baseball caps and t-shirts, and they will not be the junk ones you see out there, these will be color and very nice . Of course if you are like me you want them to be at least 2 sizes larger so you can look sexy. Hmmm is that sexy or not?

Books, get an autographed copy of each of my novels when you are a $350.00 level patron. I ship to all countries at this tier.

Of course right now anyone that becomes a patron of mine is eligible for an Amazon gift certificate of up to $15.00, the winner to be announced April 2nd 2017.

Because of your support, in March 2017 I will buy studio lighting to help my cooking videos look much nicer.

Have a good life and become a Patron now!

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2 Thoughts on “I am not going to lie, I Need your help

  1. Steven F on February 16, 2017 at 8:46 am said:

    Looks like you have several good ideas which I hope bear fruit.

  2. Some good ideas and the book is taking shape well.

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