Haters on the Internet bug me, whether it is in a game, or someone that wants to put down someone else for any reason. I thought long and hard about this. Why do so many people hate and put down others. I think this is something that many of us have thought about during our lifetime, and maybe it was even thought about at the beginning of man.

Why hate? Does it make someone else feel good to put you down or make up lies about you? Maybe it does, and that shouldn’t detract from what you feel about yourself, because you know they are lies. yet other people see the lies and many believe them. I think those type of things hurt.

Some call it bullying, some call it hate, and the haters say it is just life suck it up and live with it. I feel it is wrong, no matter what you call it.


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One Thought on “Hate on the Internet – Bullying

  1. Bullies/Haters are just people who are jealous of the person they are bullying.

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