You are welcome to sign in and comment, tell me I am wrong, but something is wrong with our system. Gabby Giffords just wrote me a letter asking for a donation to help (their cause) with gun control, but no agenda was given for their plans. This was my honest answer to her, feel free to share this if you feel the same way. Well this time I got upset, and will post this everywhere I can.

gun ban 1I part:

I have a wish for our organization, as well. Nothing would mean more to me than you joining me as a contributor to Americans for Responsible Solutions — $10, or whatever you can afford. You can contribute here:”

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Thank you for investing in our fight,


My reply:

I just saw your request for money. First I do not believe in gun control. I believe in the death penalty for anyone sane or not that uses one to hurt another person. No, I do not believe we need automatic weapons, but then again I can see the use for them in time of war.  All you and these groups are doing is making it harder for the good guys to own a gun. You are not keeping guns out of the hands of the bad guys.
But believe me, I would give every dime I have to see justice instead of taking away people’s rights to own firearms. But do this, change your strategy to anyone that commits a crime with a gun gets 25 years minimum, discharging a firearm with a gun during a crime is 50 years minimum, murder with a gun is the death penalty, and offer life in prison for them at the least. Then you have accomplished something. Taking away good people’s rights to own a gun should never happen, self-defense? ZERO, they walk away unless it can be proved beyond a doubt it was intentional.
Now why did I sign your petition? Because I hope that lawmakers come to the same conclusion. And in closing, you will not get a dime from me unless your campaign changes focus to the criminals instead of the good people of America.
P.S. 600 People die a month because of a drunk driver, the driver walks away usually with a suspended sentence of manslaughter and that is an extreme, most walk away period. Why not focus your efforts on the fact that a car is a deadly weapon, a drunk driver that kills someone should be an automatic life in prison or the death penalty if more than one die from it, someone injured would be attempted murder. Yes, I realize most lawmakers in this country are drunks and break laws everyday, so something like that will never pass.  Why aren’t you yelling about that?
Remmy Meggs
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