Melissa just finished editing Foundation Grapes of Rome, Chapter 4. Steve and Paul did their edits a couple of months ago, but Melissa is an accountant had was overworked for several weeks, as well as being sick.
She is now working on Chapter 5.
As Dante prepares for his first voyage outside of Rome, Cassius is up to no good, Anthony is basically accused of bedding Dante, and the Sabines are cannibalizing nearby farms. Although Cassius is taking care of the problem in his own way, the Sabines infuriate Dante with horrible results. The wars for Roman supremacy have just started.
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5 Thoughts on “Foundation Grapes of Rome, Chapter 4

  1. Steven Fritchie on November 6, 2017 at 10:46 am said:

    I’m glad that Mel was able to get this done and that she is feeling better. An excellent chapter.

  2. adrian on January 25, 2018 at 4:04 pm said:

    Hi, are you still taking praise and appreciation comments from readers of ‘Grapes of Rome’? Your ‘Grapes of Rome’ is a stunning piece of work, I’m just starting chapter 13. Having reached this point, I found it is the greatestt story I’ve ever read. Characters lift off the page, though I must admit Dante riled me a lot up to chapter 12. But f*****g hell, the story was worth staying with. When I began reading, I was at first placing it in the Renaissance. Then, at the beginning, Emperor Claudius was mentioned, putting it in about AD 55. Then as I got further, I saw it was pre Empire, BC c500.
    No matter, it’s f*****ng gorgeous – I’m like there, by the tent, and inside it. I don’t know whether you wittingly reigned in some of the sex scenes or that it’s just your style, but surely as it stands, it’s fit to go into hard copy print.
    Anyway, enough said, because after five years out there, it’s likely my effulgence for your story it will just blow away into internet hyperspace somewhere. Still, if you do read my comments, perhaps you’d like to reply.

    REMMY Edited for language and content.

    • Remmy2013 on January 25, 2018 at 4:19 pm said:

      The Book, Legacy Grapes of Rome, is available in Kindle, paperback, and hardback. Not sure where you got Emporer Claudius though, that is not even close to my time frame of history. Book 2 Foundation is still being written. Thank you for your um kind comments, I could have done without the sex and vulgarity though, I edited your post purposely. The beginning of the book actually states 497 BC (the version you read was the first draft)

      As far as sex in the book, there is none, but people have pointed out that adults tend to use their imagination and attribute that to me, I am happy you love the book.

  3. adrian on January 27, 2018 at 7:37 am said:

    Thanks for your polite reply to my rather over-enthusiastic praise, and then editing it for posting.
    Clarifying some confusion here, the story I was referring to is ‘Grapes of Italy’, and not as I quoted, ‘Grapes of Rome’. Sorry about that. It is ‘Grapes of Italy’ I am reading. Emperor Claudius is mentioned in ‘Grapes of Italy’ in lines spoken by Don Romano in chapter 2, about ¾ through:
    “Yes but to do things like this takes trained assassins. We have been discussing the attitudes of Emperor Claudius for months and what we should do about him…”
    There are no historical dates stated early on, in your draft version of the story, or Author Notes or Forward, hence the erroneous assumption that it’s set during the Roman Empire.
    I was unaware till now, that you are actually an author in print with several books published, hard copy and Kindle, and have been for some years already. Great, that was no big surprise, given the quality of your writing. But, I was still a little confused by the two Grape titles. Having now got the Kindle copy of ‘Grapes of Rome’, I then compared the two versions of the story and now see what you mean about the sex, lol. Your story is strongly reminiscent of what’s known about Alexander (the Great) & Hephaistion; there are so many similarities in the imagination. Was this an influence for you?
    Though I’ve not yet read your other published stories, which all appear to have boys in them, I’ll assume they are also absent of sex per se, except for what the reader infers from the clues given in the narrative and dialogue. I see also that your published stories are mainly meant for a young, ‘boy adventure’ readership, hence your comment about adults, though I see you are also an adult.
    So why then, did you actually put sex in the first draft of your ‘Grapes’ story and post it? I just wondered I’m not criticizing. ‘Grapes of Italy’ is the better version.
    ‘Grapes’ is a brilliant story and you are obviously a very talented and skillful writer.

  4. Remmy2013 on January 27, 2018 at 4:26 pm said:

    Like I said Grapes of Italy was the first draft. In 500 BC Italy did not exist, therefore the name change. Claudius should have been King Tarquin. It has been so long ago that I forgot that error. I was trying to write a historical account and the first draft did not cover a complete – real history.

    Now, where do I get my stories? Beleive it or not I have dreams, sometimes so realistic it is scary. I wake up and remember every detail.

    As far as sex. It is more fun to let the reader decide and imagine what is actually going on, instead of me deciding for them. That is boring. Kids love these books and have never said anything about sex, however just about every adult that has written me talks about sex. Go figure! So you are not alone.

    Alexander or the other thing you mention is not a part of Roman history, so no they did not influence my writing, be aware however that each generation, nay each group of people, have similar things going on all the time. Something modern man refuses to believe, but even in this day and age, YOU of all people realize time does not change anything except the characters.

    I am 28 as of this post. Please be aware that when I started writing Grapes, I was still a kid, I believe I was 13 at the time and did not realize the impact of any sex-scenes. They are still there of course, but in a fashion that everyone can make up their own minds. Why? I was a kid and thought every kid had the same fantasies, and they do, but you cannot publish that.

    Lothario vs Dante, Lothario is a name that was hard for people to grasp, so in the final version, I renamed him, Dante. A loving name that people cherish. Why did I post Grapes of Italy at all? Well, I was a kid and wanted a following, Oddly Grapes of Rome was not my first book, it was, however, the first published book, based on all the comments I received, I knew I had a winner. I hope you can give Legacy Grapes of Rome the Five Star review that it deserves!

    My first book was actually Changes. It actually had more sex in it. It was never posted until I fine-tuned the book, the sex is there, but not blatant. Thank you again for loving my books, I hope you enjoy all of them. I do appreciate you writing to me on my site, mostly I just get emails, it is refreshing to see people actually love my work.

    My first follower was Vern Digama, he has passed away now, but because of him and others, a little kid was able to afford to publish these books. They paid for the editing, the covers, and formatting. So, I have to thank all my readers for their support.

    I hope I have cleared up any confusion and answered your questions appropriately. I hope you become a patron, to do that go to and sign up!

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