Foundation Grapes of Rome Book 2 Released

Grapes of Rome is becoming much more than what I ever expected, book three is already done and we are just working on the final goodies; Legacy Grapes of Rome, book 1, and Foundation Grapes of Rome, Book 2 is already in print and available!

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2 thoughts on “Foundation Grapes of Rome Book 2 Released

  1. Steven Fritchie

    Foundation is the second book of The Grapes of Rome series. It deals with Dante Praetorio and his friends and family through war and peace. It deals with the formation of the Praetorian Guards, the aftermath of the battle at Lake Regillus, and Dante’s marriage.
    This book is full of excitement, humor, and historical events. It gives an exciting overview of what life was like during the Roman Republic. This is a period in history that is not covered as extensively as Imperial Rome, but is just as important.

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